If I Can't Love Her

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Beauty and the Beast (70)  
Music for this song
Alan Menken
Lyrics for this song
Tim Rice
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Written for stage production
Title Variations
Si no puedo amarla; 愛せぬならば


Sound Clips Beauty and the Beast - 1994 Original Broadway Cast
Musical Emotions - 1994 Ben Cramer
Beauty and the Beast - 1995 Original Australian Cast
Sound Clips With You - 1996 Ethan Freeman
Sound Clips Beauty and the Beast - 1997 Original London Cast
Sound Clips Chuck Wagner - 1999 Chuck Wagner
La bella y la bestia - 2000 Original Madrid Cast
Sound Clips Reflections From Broadway - 2000 John Barrowman
Sound Clips Disney's Princess Favorites - 2001 Various Artists
Sound Clips So In Love With Broadway - 2004 Ron Raines
Beauty and the Beast - 2005 Original Manila Cast
La bella y la bestia - 2008 Madrid Cast
La bella y la bestia - 2012 Spanish Tour Cast
Sound Clips Disney: My Way! - 2012 Alton Fitzgerald White
Sound Clips Music Of The Night - 2013 Petter Persson
Gran Gala Stage Entertainment 15 Aniversario - 2014 Various Artists
Sound Clips Stages - 2014 Josh Groban
Disney's Broadway Hits at Royal Albert Hall - 2016 Various Artists
Sound Clips Different Stages - 2017 Kane Alexander
Colección de musicales - 2018 David Velardo
Stars - 2018 Adam Lacey
Celebrating 25 Years of Disney on Broadway - 2019 Various Artists
I wish. I want. Naoto Kaiho sings Disney - 2019 Naoto Kaiho
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 2 - 2021 TV Series Soundtrack
美女と野獣 - 2023 Japanese Cast
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

Song Title Show
If I Can't Love Her (Reprise) (5) Beauty and the Beast (70)
1991 Alan Menken
This is the same song

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