This Is Broadway's Best - 1961 Compilation Album

fshepinc wrote on November 22, 2008

This is probably the best, most thrilling Broadway compilation ever made. For many collectors, it was the recording that started it all. You can recreate the playlist fairly easily from various CDs, but the pages of notes and rare photographs make this one to own. This is what you share with someone who says they know nothing about musicals, but are interested in learning. I'm always up for buying another copy of this LP (in its original cover)!

Archivist wrote on June 11, 2022

Can anyone validate this note: "U.K. issue. "Ohio" from Wonderful Town" is on Side 4, Track 1 of this release and not "Everything's Coming Up Roses" as on the US issue." I've looked at all nine entries on Discogs and not one of them shows this. Was the LP presses with the "Roses" trave even with all the data listing "Ohio" on the playlist? Seems very unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely.

Tyazha wrote on June 15, 2022

Good night

fshepinc wrote on June 15, 2022

I'm confused, Archivist -I looked at the UK release on the Discogs link you provided, and it clearly shows in the artwork and the track listing that "Ohio" is there, and not "Everything's Coming Up Roses." I do not have the physical LP of the UK edition, but someone gave me a tape made from it, and it conforms to what shows on the album artwork -no Roses.

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