Hercules - 2024 Original Hamburg - New Release Date

GregoryD wrote April 29, 2024

The new release date is now June 28, 2024.

Archivist wrote May 2, 2024

Thanks for the update.

Rockyfan2000 wrote June 27, 2024

It has now disappeared from Amazon, iTunes and the Sound of Music websites. Very strange...

TXTyler wrote June 27, 2024

It seems that Disney isn’t happy with the current production. They will, no doubt, retool the whole thing for London. I never bought the excuse that they needed more time to mix the album. I just think they were iffy about it from the beginning. That being said, Stage isn’t off the hook either. They used to record everything. Now we get so few recordings from them. I smell behind-the-scenes drama!

Rockyfan2000 wrote June 27, 2024

It's not selling at all. Check their homepage - empty seat en masse. They've even lowered the ticket prices and have special offers available. Very sad...

Archivist wrote July 13, 2024

The withdrawal of the album has been confirmed by people involved with the production.

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