The Sweetest Sounds

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No Strings (11)  
Richard Rodgers
Richard Rodgers
Title Variations
Sweetest Sounds; The Sweetest Sound


Sound Clips The Coleman Hawkins Quartet Plays The Jazz Version Of No Strings - 1962 Coleman Hawkins Quartet
Hit Broadway Musicals - 1962 Jo Basile and his Orchestra
Sound Clips No Strings - 1962 Original Broadway Cast
No Strings - 1962 No Strings Sextet
Sound Clips No Strings (With Strings) - 1962 Ralph Burns and His Orchestra
Sound Clips No Strings: An After-Theatre Version - 1962 Various Artisits
Broadway, I Love You - 1963 Sergio Franchi
Sound Clips An Era Reborn - 1963 Helen O'Connell
Sound Clips J.J.'s Broadway - 1963 J.J. Johnson
Sound Clips No Strings - 1963 Original London Cast
Show Stoppers From O'Keefe Center - 1963 William McCauley
Songs For Single Girls - 1963 Rose Marie
Sound Clips Broadway My Way - 1964 Nancy Wilson
Sound Clips Hello, Dolly! - 1964 Ella Fitzgerald
Sound Clips Speak to Me of Love - 1964 The Ray Conniff Singers
Sound Clips Broadway Bouquet - 1965 Percy Faith
Sound Clips The Great Songs From My Fair Lady - 1965 Andy Williams
The Sound of Broadway - 1966 John Price
Sound Clips Tutti's Trombones - 1966 Camarata Featuring Tutti's Trombones
Golden Broadway Hits - 1967 The Royal Grand Orchestra
Sound Clips Barbra Streisand... and Other Musical Instruments - 1973 TV Soundtrack
Merry Christmas 1975 - 1975 Harvey Schmidt
Sound Clips Liza Minnelli at Carnegie Hall - 1987 Liza Minnelli
Sound Clips The Sound Of Music - 1989 Richard Hayman and his Symphony Orchestra
Sound Clips When I Fall in Love - 1992 Byron Nease
Sound Clips The Sullivan Years: Best Of Broadway, Vol. 2 - 1993 Original Cast Performances
Sound Clips Sibling Revelry - 1995 Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz Callaway
Cinderella - 1997 TV Film
Sound Clips I Could Write a Book: The Music of Richard Rodgers - 1998 George Coleman Quartet
Sound Clips KT Sullivan Sings The Sweetest Sounds of Richard Rodgers - 2000 KT Sullivan
Sound Clips Clear Day - 2001 Peter Davenport
Sound Clips Medleyfyin': A Tribute to Richard Rodgers - 2004 Judy Kreston & David Lahm
Sound Clips The Broadway Musicals of 1962 - 2005 Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series
Sound Clips Cinderella - 2008 International Tour Cast
R&H Goes Pop! - 2021 Various Artists
You Oughta Be On Broadway - Karaoke
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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The Sweetest Sounds (Reprise) (3) No Strings (11)
1962 Rodgers
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