The Man That Got Away

Song Details

A Star Is Born (2)  
Harold Arlen
Ira Gershwin
Title Variations
Man That Got Away; The Gal That Got Away; The Man That Got Away (Expanded Version)


Sound Clips A Star Is Born - 1954 Film Soundtrack
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Sound Clips The Fabulous Shirley Bassey - 1959 Shirley Bassey
Tony Sings For Two - 1959 Tony Bennett
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Pearl Bailey Sings The Songs She Loves... By Her Favorite Composer Harold Arlen - 1961 Pearl Bailey
Showcase - 1961 Anne Shelton
Sound Clips Good Old Broadway - 1962 Coleman Hawkins
Sound Clips Bittersweet White Light - 1973 Cher
Elaine Stritch at the BBC - 1980 Elaine Stritch
Sound Clips She Shot Me Down - 1981 Frank Sinatra
Sound Clips Julie Wilson Sings The Harold Arlen Songbook - 1989 Julie Wilson
Sound Clips No Strings - 1993 Sheena Easton
Sound Clips And So Much More - 1994 Linda Eder
At the School of Arts Cafe - 1994 Donna Lee
Sound Clips Barbra: The Concert - 1994 Barbra Streisand
Sound Clips Come What May - 1994 Roslyn Kind
Sooner or Later - 1994 Linzi Hateley
Sound Clips Maria Friedman - 1995 Maria Friedman
Sound Clips Over the Rainbow: Capitol Sings Harold Arlen - 1995 Compilation
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Sound Clips Much More - 1997 Betty Buckley
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Sound Clips Broadway & All That Jazz - 1999 Emily Saxe
Sound Clips How Glory Goes - 2000 Audra McDonald
Sound Clips Stormy Weather - 2002 Film Soundtrack
My Shining Hour: the Music of Harold Arlen - 2004 Tonya Pinkins
Get Happy - 2007 Lowry Cast Recording
Sound Clips Dangerous Liaisons - 2009 Sylvia Brooks
One For My Baby - 2011 Demo
Sound Clips Megan Hilty: Live at the Café Carlyle - 2014 Megan Hilty
Sound Clips The Judy Garland Project - 2015 Hilary Kole
Sound Clips Pictures - 2016 Kerrie Anne Greenland
Sound Clips It's About Time - 2017 Karen Mason
Let's Be Frank - 2018 Trisha Yearwood
For the Girls - 2019 Kristin Chenoweth
Judy - 2019 Film Soundtrack
The Man That Got Away - 2019 Billy Porter
Sound Clips The Ladies of Show Biz - Judy Garland and Carol Channing
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

Song Title Show
The Salesman That Got Away Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me
2006 Marc Shaiman
This is the same song

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