My Romance

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Jumbo (6)  
Richard Rodgers
Lorenz Hart


Songs from Jumbo - 1953 Studio Cast
Sound Clips Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Rodgers and Hart Songbook - 1956 Ella Fitzgerald
Sound Clips Love Letters from Maureen O'Hara - 1958 Maureen O'Hara
Belts the Best of Broadway - 1962 Sammy Davis Jr.
Sound Clips Billy Rose's Jumbo - 1962 Film Soundtrack
Jumbo - 1962 The Starlight Symphony
Sound Clips Overture: American Musical Theatre, Vol. 1 (1924-1935) - 1962 Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra
Sound Clips What Kind of Fool Am I and Other Show-Stoppers - 1962 Sammy Davis Jr.
Call Me Irresponsible - 1963 Jack Jones
Sound Clips Ballads of Broadway - 1964 Johnny Mathis
Sound Clips Music For Romance - 1964 Melachrino Strings & Orchestra
Warm & Wild - 1964 Vic Dana
Sound Clips Bobby Short Celebrates Rodgers & Hart - 1975 Bobby Short
Sound Clips Tears of Joy - 1988 Tuck & Patti
Sound Clips The Resolution of Romance - 1990 Wynton Marsalis
Sound Clips Isn't It Romantic: Capitol Sings Rodgers & Hart - 1992 Compilation
Sound Clips Easy to Remember: Songs of Rodgers & Hart - 1993 David Staller
My Favorite Things: The Music of Richard Rodgers - 1994 Adam Makowicz
Introducing Brad Mehldau - 1995 Brad Mehldau
Sound Clips Maria Friedman - 1995 Maria Friedman
Sound Clips The MGM Album - 1997 Debbie Gravitte
In Concert: Live From Royal Festival Hall London - 1998 Bernadette Peters
Sound Clips With A Song In My Heart: Sings the Words and Music of Rodgers & Hart - 1999 Wesla Whitfield
Sound Clips Where Time Stands Still - 2001 Howard McGillin
From Madrigal to McCartney - 2002 Cantabile
Sound Clips Slow Down - 2003 Gilles Chiasson
Sound Clips Coming Home - 2005 Gerard Kenny
Sound Clips Josh Young - 2005 Josh Young
Sound Clips Ten Cents A Dance - 2006 Nancy Anderson
Sound Clips Its A Small Town - 2008 Stacy Sullivan
Sound Clips Wish - 2008 Sutton Foster
Sound Clips The Journey So Far - 2010 Lea Salonga
Sound Clips Sanssouci - 2010 Sony Holland
Sound Clips Beautiful Dreamer - 2013 Donna Vivino
Sound Clips The Radio In My Head: Live at 54 BELOW - 2013 Aaron Tveit
Piano Songs - 2017 Daniel Schwait
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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