Kiss the Girl

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The Little Mermaid (38)  
Alan Menken
Howard Ashman
Title Variations
Baciala; Besa a la chica; Bésala; Embrasse-la; Kiss the Girl (Synth Demo B); Kus d'r dan; Nur ein Kuss; Vai beijar; Поцелуй; キス・ザ・ガール


Sound Clips The Little Mermaid - 1987 Demo
Sound Clips The Little Mermaid - 1989 Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips La sirenita - 1989 Latin American Spanish Soundtrack
La sirenetta - 1990 Italian Soundtrack
Sound Clips Simply Mad About the Mouse - 1991 Various Artists
Beauty & The Beast - 1992 The Jazz Networks
Sound Clips Beauty And The Beat - 1995 Trinidad and Tobago Showboat Orchestra
Disneymania - 1995 La Década
Sound Clips The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney - 1996 Various Artists
Sound Clips Mouse House Dance Mixes - 1996 Various Artists
Arielle, die Meerjungfrau - 1998 German Soundtrack
Kiss The Girl - 1998 Peter André
La petite sirène - 1998 French Soundtrack
La sirenita - 1998 Spanish Soundtrack
Sound Clips Disney's Princess Favorites - 2001 Various Artists
Sound Clips Disneymania - 2002 Various Artists
The Little Mermaid - 2003 Demo
Sound Clips On the Record - 2005 Original Cast
Sound Clips The Little Mermaid - 2006 Karaoke
Sound Clips The Little Mermaid - 2008 Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips In the Key of Disney - 2011 Brian Wilson
Classically Disney - 2012 Disney String Quartet
Sound Clips The Little Mermaid - 2012 Original Dutch Cast
Ukulele Disney - 2012 Jake Shimabukuro
Русалочка - 2012 Original Moscow Cast
Sound Clips リトルマーメイド - 2013 Original Japanese Cast
Os clássicos da Disney - 2016 Various Artists
Sound Clips Descendants 2 - 2017 Film Soundtrack
The Little Mermaid Live! - 2019 TV Cast
Disney Hits - 2021 Various Artists
Disney Hits: Les Princesses - 2021 Various Artists
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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