A Girl Worth Fighting For

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Mulan (38)  
Matthew Wilder
David Zippel
Title Variations
Alguém pra quem voltar; En pige værd at kæmpe for; Mi chica es la razón; Mi dulce y linda flor; Une belle fille à aimer; 佳人歡迎我; 愛しい女よ; 상냥한 내 여자


Mulán - 1998 Latin American Spanish Soundtrack
Mulán - 1998 Spanish Soundtrack
Mulan - 1998 Brazilian Portuguese Soundtrack
Mulan - 1998 Danish Soundtrack
Sound Clips Mulan - 1998 Film Soundtrack
ムーラン - 1998 Japanese Soundtrack
花木蘭 - 1998 Mandarin Soundtrack
뮬란 - 1998 Korean Soundtrack
Disney Hits - 2021 Various Artists
Disney Hits: Les Princesses - 2021 Various Artists
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

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A Girl Worth Fighting For (Redux) Mulan II (3)
2004 Matthew Wilder
This is the same song

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