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From the liner notes: “The previous CD release was one of the few that did not have any extra material on it, so it was a fairly short run time of forty-three minutes. So, we decided to add our own bonus material. We have Lotte Lenya’s 1930 recording of “Alabama Song,” performed with The Three Admirals and conducted by Theo Mackeben and his Jazz Orchestra. It is nightmarish and wonderful. And the major bonus is a 1930 recording of The Threepenny Opera in German with Lenya, Kurt Gerron, Willy Trenk-Trebitsch, Erich Ponto, Erika Helmke, with the Theo Mackeben and Lewis Ruth Band. These are historic recordings and have been cleaned up by mastering engineer James Nelson, and sound pretty amazing given their age.
1. Songs from One Touch of Venus: -- Paula Laurence, Arthur Siegel, Chorus
Vive la Difference [One Touch of Venus]
One Touch of Venus [One Touch of Venus]
That’s How Much I Love You [One Touch of Venus]
Very Very Very [One Touch of Venus]
2. This Time Next Year [Huckleberry Finn] -- Ann Miller
3. You Understand Me So [Love Life] -- Chita Rivera
4. I Remember It Well [Love Life] -- Jo Sullivan and John Reardon
5. Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed [Street Scene] -- Ann Miller
6. Youkali Tango [Casino de Paris Revue] -- Paula Laurence, Arthur Siegel, Chorus
7. Dr. Crippen [One Touch of Venus] -- Chita Rivera and the Men
8. Italy in Technicolor [Street Scene] -- Jo Sullivan
9. Poor Mrs. Peachum [The Threepenny Opera] (Paris Production) -- Paula Laurence
10. You Are Unforgettable [Lady in the Dark] -- Arthur Siegel
11. Love in the Mist [One Touch of Venus] -- Jo Sullivan
12. Is It Him or Is It Me? [Love Life] -- Ann Miller
13. Locker Room [Love Life] -- John Reardon, Arthur Siegel, and the Men
Bonus tracks:
14. Alabama Song [The Rise and[Aufstieg und Fall of the City ofder Stadt Mahagonny] -- Lotte Lenya
15. Overture and Ballad[Die Dreigroschenoper]
of Mack the Knife
[Die Dreigroschenoper]
Pirate Jenny [Die Dreigroschenoper]
17. Cannon Song [Die Dreigroschenoper]
18. Love Song [Die Dreigroschenoper]
19. Barbara Song [Die Dreigroschenoper]
20. First Threepenny Finale [Die Dreigroschenoper]
21. Farewell [Die Dreigroschenoper]
22. Pimp Ballad [Die Dreigroschenoper]
23. Ballad of Pleasant Life [Die Dreigroschenoper]
24. Jealousy Duet [Die Dreigroschenoper]
25. Second Threepenny Finale [Die Dreigroschenoper]
26. Song of Inadequacy [Die Dreigroschenoper]
27. Ballad and Final Chorale [Die Dreigroschenoper]
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4817 7057 25647
[p4592 Bruce Kimmel]
[p99477 James Nelson]
[p19639 Erich Ponto]
[p15736 Erika Helmke]
[p10269 Kurt Gerron]
[p1279 Lotte Lenya]
[p10675 Willi Trenk-Trebitsch]