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Dress Circle
Catalog Number
1. VICTORYVictory 3.22 (Leonato and chorus)Chorus)
2. DISDAINDisdain 2.57 (Beatrice and Benedick)
3. NOWNow I HEAR SYMPHONIESHear Symphonies 3.05 (Claudio)
4. THIS STRANGE AFFLICTION CALLED LOVEThis Strange Affliction Called Love 2.19 (Benedick)
5. REVENGERevenge 3.03 (Don John)
6. I'LL NEVER MARRYI'll Never Marry 2.40 (Beatrice)
7. HOW CAN HE DO THIS TO ME?How Can He Do This to Me? 2.39 (Claudio, Benedick)
8. THE SWEETEST KISSThe Sweetest Kiss 3.02 (Hero, Claudio)
9. THEY WILL DRIVE EACH OTHER MADThey Will Drive Each Other Mad (Leonato, Claudio and Don John) 2.23
10. SIGH NO MORE GOOD LADIESSigh No More Good Ladies (Balthasar and chorus)Chorus) 2.45
11. MADNESSMadness (Benedick) 3.14
12. NEVER SATISFIEDNever Satisfied (Hero, Ursula, Margaret and attendantsAttendants ) 2.38
13. HOW CAN THIS BEHow Can This Be (Beatrice) 2.39
14. HOW HE'S CHANGEDHow He's Changed 3.00 (Leonato, Don Pedro, Claudio)
15. I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAINI'll Never Love Again 3.49 (Claudio)
16. THE OFFICERS OF THE WATCHThe Officers of the Watch 2.09
17. THE WORLD IS BRIMMING WITH LOVE TODAYThe World is Brimming With Love Today 3.55 (Hero)
18. SHAMEShame 3.03 (Claudio, Leonato, Don Pedro, Benedick, Hero)
19. THIS CANNOT BE!This Cannot Be! 2.39 (Leonato, Benedick, Beatrice, Friar)
20. IF ONLYIf Only I WERE A MANWere a Man 2.49 (Beatrice)
21. TAKE YOUR SWORDTake Your Sword 1.53 (Leonato, Claudio)
22. THEN KILL FOR METhen Kill for Me 2.07 (Beatrice, Benedick)
23. IFIf I COULD WRITE A SONNETCould Write a Sonnet 3.21 (Benedick)
24. I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAINI'll Never Love Again 3.08 (reprise)(Reprise) (Claudio)
25. COME LET US MARRYCome Let Us Marry 1.27 (Benedick, Beatrice, Claudio and Hero)
26. FINALEFinale 4.02 (company)(Company)
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B000009CGP;uk,de,fr,jp,it id