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Audio / Vocal Recording
Bruce Yeko (58)
Liner Notes
Frank Lazarus (10)
Jay Aubrey, Joan Bender (5), Lewis Cleale (18), Jenn Colella (26), Rita Gardner (16), Kitty Carlisle Hart (2), Michael Lavine (14), Frank Lazarus (10), Heather MacRae (23), Elena Mindina, Brooke Sunny Moriber (12), Steve Ross [1] (18), Robert Sevra (2), Daryl Sherman (20), Nomi Tichman (2), Martin Vidnovic (21), William Zeffiro (6)


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1. All God's Chillun Got Movie Shows (Frank Lazarus & Dick Vosburgh, A Day In Hollywood, a Night In The Ukraine - London production) - Frank Lazarus
2. I Walk With Music (Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer, Walk With Music) - Kitty Carlisle Hart
3. Come And Bring Your Instruments (David Raskin & June Carroll, If The Shoe Fits) Michael Lavine, Nomi Tischman, & Jay Aubrey Jones
4. Half A Lifetime (William Zeffiro & Chris Cesaro, Houdini and Sir Arthur) Brooke Sunny Moriber
5. Happy Birthday Mrs. Parker (William Zeffiro, written for "1930's Idol" competition sponsered by The Dorothy Parker Society) - William Zeffiro
6. Sawing A Woman In Half (Kay Swift & Al Stillman, Radio City Music Hall stage show) - Steve Ross and William Zeffiro
7. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes ( Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach, Roberta) - Elena Mindlina
8. Fill 'Er Up (Saul Chaplin, Betty Comden, & Adolf Green, Bonanza Bound) Michael Lavine
9. Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak (Jason Robert Brown, Urban Cowboy) - Jenn Colella
10. Time Lost (Lynn Criegler & Robert Sevra, Rogues To Riches) - Rita Gardner
11. Pinch Hitter (Larry Grossman & Ellen Fitzhugh, Diamonds) - Joan Bender
12. Stupid Little Songs (Randy Newman, The Devil and Randy Newman) - Brooke Sunny Moriber
13. The Game (Lynn Criegler & Robert Sevra, Rogues to Riches) - Martin Vidnovic & Robert Sevra
14. If You Love Me, Really Love Me (L'hymne a L'amore)- (Margeuritte Monnot, Edith Piaf, Eddie Constantine, & Geoffrey Parsons) - Elena Mindlina
15. It's Just Yours (Cole Porter, intended for Mexican Hayride) - Michael Lavine
16. Moving (David Lenchus, Poe) - Brooke Sunny Moriber & Company
17. Generation Meh (Drew Fonoroloa & Scott Elmegreen, College: The Musical) - Pace University Cast
18. Cowboy, Take Me Away (Marcus Hammon & Martie Maguire, Urban Cowboy) - Jenn Colella
19. I Know It's True (Saul Chaplin, Betty Comden, & Alfred Green, Bonanza Bound) - Michael Lavine
20. It Must Be Fun To Be You (Cole Porter, intended for Mexican Hayride) - Joan Bender
21. Here's Where I Belong (Robert Waldman & Alfred Uhry, Here's Where I Belong) - Lewis Cleale & Heather Mac Rae
22. How Nice For Me (Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer, Walk With Music) Kitty Carlisle Hart