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Flare SPEC 1044 (CD)

1: rpfbcn

Jubilee LP 14 (LP)

1: dmichaeld

Polly Bergen: The Early Years

Sepia Records SEPIA 1093 (CD)

2: BroadwayGuy, vladdy


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Submitted by: iroo on 2009-02-24

Release Flare SPEC 1044 (CD)

Submitted by: BroadwayGuy on 2010-12-20

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Release Jubilee LP 14 (LP)

Submitted by: iroo on 2009-02-24

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Release Righteous 2998442 (CD)

Submitted by: BroadwayGuy on 2014-01-15

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Release Sepia Records SEPIA 1093 (CD)

Submitted by: CraigRhyne on 2009-06-02

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