Jay Gorney Discography


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Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Sound Clips The Blue Train - 1927 London Cast Music
Meet the People - 1944 Film Soundtrack Music
Sound Clips Black Coffee - 1953 Peggy Lee Music
Sound Clips Bergen Sings Morgan - 1957 Polly Bergen Music
Sound Clips My Name Is Barbra, Two... - 1965 Barbra Streisand Music
Right Up Your Alley - 1966 Original Cast Music Director
Sound Clips Connie and Clyde: Hit Songs of the 30s - 1968 Connie Francis Music
Sound Clips Judith - 1975 Judy Collins Music
Make Mine Manhattan and Great Revues Revisited - 1977 Various Artists Music
Everyone Else Revisited - 1980 Various Artists Music
Sound Clips Mandy Patinkin - 1989 Mandy Patinkin Music
Sing Before Breakfast: Songs from the Great Talking Pictures Musicals, 1929-1939 - 1991 Various Artists Music
Fancy Meeting You: The Lyrics of E. Y. "Yip" Harburg - 1995 Phillip Officer Music
The Broadway Musicals of 1940 - 2002 Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series Music
Sound Clips Music Is the Magic - 2002 Kelley Johnson Music
Sound Clips The Broadway Musicals of 1949 - 2004 Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series Music
Sound Clips On Broadway, Vol. 4: Or the Paradox of Continuity - 2005 Paul Motian Trio 2000+One Music
Sound Clips Shameless - 2005 Brad Hampton Music
Within the Six Square Inch - 2007 Ramin Karimloo Music
Being Alive - 2008 James Crowley Music
Meet the People - Jay Gorney Music

Video Recordings

Recording Role
Glorifying the American Girl - 1930 Film Music
Stand Up and Cheer - 1934 Film Music
Young People - 1940 Film Music
The Heat's On - 1943 Film Music
Meet the People - 1944 Film Music

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