Ivor Novello Discography


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Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Theodore & Co. - 1916 Original London Cast Music
Arlette - 1917 Mayfair Orchestra Music
Arlette - 1917 Original London Cast Music
Gems from Arlette - 1917 Light Opera Company Music
Who's Hooper? - 1919 Original London Cast Music
Sound Clips A Southern Maid - 1920 Original London Cast Music
Far Away in Shanty Town/The Girl I Knew - 1935 Elisabeth Welch Music
Fold Your Wings/Shine Through My Dreams - 1935 Mary Ellis & Trefor Jones Music
Sound Clips Glamorous Night - 1935 Original Cast Members Music, Performer
Glamorous Night/When the Gipsy Played - 1935 Mary Ellis Music
Sound Clips Careless Rapture - 1936 Original London Cast Music
Sound Clips Crest of the Wave Selections - 1937 Drury Lane Theatre Orchestra Music
Sound Clips If You Only Knew / Why Isn't It You? - 1937 Dorothy Dickson & Walter Crisham Music
Sound Clips Rose of England / Haven of Your Heart - 1937 Edgar Elmes & Olive Gilbert Music
Sound Clips The Dancing Years - 1939 Original London Cast Conductor, Music
Sound Clips Arc de Triomphe - 1943 Original Cast Music
Sound Clips Curtsy to the King / A Woman's Heart - 1945 Muriel Barron & Roma Beaumont Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips Highwayman Love / We'll Gather Lilacs - 1945 Olive Gilbert & Muriel Barron Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips Love Is My Reason / This Is My Wedding Day - 1945 Muriel Barron Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips Perchance to Dream Selection - 1945 Harry Acres and His Orchestra Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips King's Rhapsody - 1949 Original London Cast Music, Performer
Sound Clips King's Rhapsody - 1949 Peter Yorke and his Orchestra Music
Selections from King's Rhapsody - 1949 Original Cast Members Music
The Gates Of Paradise/Muranian Rhapsody - 1950 Vanessa Lee, Olive Gilbert, Denis Martin Music, Performer
Sound Clips Gay's the Word - 1950 Original London Cast Music
Muranian Rhapsody (Parts 1 & 2) - 1950 Ivor Novello Music, Performer
Sound Clips Finder, Please Return / On Such A Night As This - 1951 Vanessa Lee Music
Sound Clips Odd Songs and a Poem - 1954 Cyril Ritchard Music
Sound Clips An Evening With Beatrice Lillie - 1955 Original Cast Music
King's Rhapsody - 1955 Soundtrack Music
Sound Clips Ivor Novello: His Greatest Songs - 1958 Studio Cast Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips Julie Andrews Sings - 1958 Julie Andrews Lyrics, Music
The Dancing Years - 1962 Studio Cast Music
I'll See You In My Dreams - 1962 Max Jaffa And His Orchestra Music
Sound Clips King's Rhapsody - 1962 Studio Cast Music
Let's Dance Down Drury Lane - 1962 Instrumental Album Music
Sound Clips Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain - 1962 Frank Sinatra Lyrics, Music
Careless Rapture - 1963 Studio Cast Music
Glamorous Night - 1963 Studio Cast Music
John Hanson Sings The Music Of Ivor Novello - 1965 John Hanson Lyrics, Music
Harry Secombe Sings The Songs Of Ivor Novello - 1967 Harry Secombe & Myrna Rose Music
The Musical Comedy World Of Rawicz & Landauer - 1967 Rawicz & Landauer Music
Careless Rapture - 1968 Radio Cast Music
The Dancing Years - 1968 London Cast Music
Sound Clips The Dancing Years - 1968 Studio Cast Music
Glamorous Night - 1968 Radio Cast Music
Ivor Emmanuel Sings Ivor Novello - 1968 Ivor Emmanuel Music
King's Rhapsody - 1968 Radio Cast Music
A Medley Of Musical Shows - 1968 Ian Stewart And His Piano Lyrics, Music
Perchance to Dream - 1968 Radio Cast Lyrics, Music
The Magnificence of Ivor Novello - 1972 Norrie Paramor Music
The Dancing Years and the White Horse Inn - 1975 John Hanson Music
It's a Grand Night for Singing - 1975 Suzanne Steele Lyrics, Music
Elisabeth Welch - 1976 Elisabeth Welch Music
Hinge & Bracket Volume 1 - 1976 Original Cast Lyrics, Music
Moira Anderson Sings The Ivor Novello Songbook - 1976 Moira Anderson Lyrics, Music
An Evening With Hinge And Bracket - 1977 Hinge And Bracket Music
Sound Clips Barbara Cartland's Album of Love Songs - 1978 Barbara Cartland Lyrics, Music
Golden Memories: A Treasury Of 20 Unforgettable Love Songs - 1981 Harry Secombe & Moira Anderson Lyrics, Music
London Revue Highlights - 1982 Sheila Parr Music
Elisabeth Welch in Concert - 1986 Elisabeth Welch Music
Sound Clips In With the Old - 1986 Radio Cast Music
Sound Clips I'll Walk Beside You - 1988 Morriston Orpheus Choir Music
New Day - 1988 Jane Harrison Music
Vince Hill Sings the Ivor Novello Songbook - 1988 Vince Hill Music
Sound Clips Marilyn Hill Smith Sings Ivor Novello - 1993 Marilyn Hill Smith Music
Sound Clips Soprano in Red - 1995 Lesley Garrett Lyrics, Music
The Dancing Years - 1996 London Studio Cast Music
First and Foremost - 1996 David Campbell Music
Sound Clips Lorna Dallas: The Girl I Knew - 1997 Lorna Dallas Music
Love & Romance - 1997 BBC Concert Orchestra Lyrics, Music
Dennis Olsen at the School of Arts Café - 1998 Dennis Olsen Music
Sound Clips My Life Belongs To You - 1998 Ronan Tynan Music
Make The Man Love Me (and Other Songs I Shouldn't Sing) - 1999 Ian Burford Music
Sound Clips My Secret Heart: Songs of Parlour, Stage and Screen - 1999 Ben Heppner Lyrics, Music
Home: A Healing Journey - 2000 Jane Hammett Music
With A Song In My Heart - 2001 Lesley Garrett Music
Sound Clips The Gold Collection - 2002 Lesley Garrett Music
Sound Clips Gosford Park - 2002 Soundtrack Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips No More Love Songs - 2004 Gabrielle Bell Music
Sound Clips Leading Ladies - 2007 Rebecca Caine Music
Show To Show - 2008 Richard Beavis & Jack Woods Music
Sound Clips Confessions - 2010 Liza Minnelli Music
Sound Clips Gay's the Word - 2012 London Cast Music
Sound Clips Home Sweet Home - 2014 Katherine Jenkins Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips Think of Me - 2014 Katy Treharne Music
Valley of Song - 2014 Original Cast Music
Sound Clips The Dancing Years - The Drury Lane Theatre Orchestra Music
Didn't know the way to / Poor Butterfly! - De Groot And The Piccadilly Orchestra Music
Glamorous Night - Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra Music
Ivor Novello Medley - Charlie Kunz Music
John Hanson Sings Songs From His Hit Shows - John Hanson Music
Sound Clips My Secret Heart - Hilde Gueden Music
Pass The Port - Susan Flannery and Michael Lunts Music
Selections from Gay's the Word - The Melanchrino Orchestra Music
We'll Gather Lilacs - Iris Villiers With Jack Laroque And His Orchestra And The Mike Sammes Singers Lyrics, Music
Sound Clips What a Duke Should Be / Oh! How I Want to Marry All the Little Candy Girls - Davy Burnaby & Henri Leoni Music

Video Recordings

Recording Role
Elstree Calling - 1930 Film Music
Glamorous Night - 1937 Film Music
The Dancing Years - 1950 Film Music
Lilacs in the Spring - 1954 Film Lyrics, Music
King's Rhapsody - 1955 Film Music

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Friday Night is Music Night: 60th Anniversary Concert - 2013 Concert Cast Lyrics, Music
Friday Night is Music Night: Ivor Novello - 2014 Concert Cast Lyrics, Music
The Dancing Years - Radio Cast Music

Noncommercial Video Recordings

Recording Role
The Dancing Years - 1976 TV Broadcast Music
Glamorous Night: A Celebration of Ivor Novello - 2012 BBC Proms Lyrics, Music