Bug trying to contribute to the database

equisy wrote July 5, 2024


There is a bug on the website when you try to contribute to the database:

Error - Not Logged In

Archivist wrote July 5, 2024

Sometimes the system will log a user out for no obvious reason. Happens to me a lot. It can definitely be troublesome when you are in the middle of a complicated update and you don't know it has happened. We're aware of it and working on it.

equisy wrote July 6, 2024

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that now it happens every time you click on Contribute to the Database, so it is not possible to add new recordings.

AndyW wrote July 6, 2024

I've got the same problem so I can't add the latest Stage Door release.

hitormiss wrote July 6, 2024

Thanks for the heads up. Should be working now.

equisy wrote July 6, 2024

Thank you very much, hitormiss! Now it works.

AndyW wrote July 6, 2024

Sadly it's still not working. It allows me to fill in the recording details but logs me out when I save before adding a release.

equisy wrote July 7, 2024

You're right AndyW. The problem persists when you try to: - Add a show - Add a release - Edit images

equisy wrote July 8, 2024

Now it seems to work. Thank you very much!

Archivist wrote July 13, 2024

We were (are) experiencing some system errors specific to UK subscribers and are working on getting those fixed. Please bear with us.

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