Ziegfeld Follies of 1919

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Irving Berlin (711)
Irving Berlin (711)
Gene Buck (13) -- Sketches, Dave Stamper (7) -- Sketches, Rennold Wolf (3) -- Sketches
Additional Music
Harry Akst (24), Billy Baskette, Robert Hood Bowers (3), Eddie Cantor (77), James F. Hanley (35), Lew Pollack (15), Manuel Ponce, Ed Rose (2), Harry Ruby (65), Joe Schenk (3), Dave Stamper (7), Harry Tierney (16), Gus Van (7), Nat Vincent (5), Albert Von Tilzer (18)
Additional Lyrics
Billy Baskette, Lew Brown (153), Gene Buck (13), Eddie Buzzell (6), Francis De Witt, Sam M. Lewis (30), Darl MacBoyle, Ballard MacDonald (31), Joseph McCarthy (55), Lew Pollack (15), Howard Rogers, Ed Rose (2), Harry Ruby (65), Jack Yellen (55), Joe Young [1] (46)
June 16, 1919


Audio Recordings

The Hand That Rocked My Cradle Rules My Heart / My Baby's Arms - 1919 John Steel
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody / Tulip Time - 1919 John Steel
Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 - Compilation
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The Great Ziegfeld - 1936 Film Soundtrack A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Musical Comedy Favorites - 1941 André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Al Goodman Salutes Irving Berlin: An Album For Dancing - 1957 Al Goodman A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Songs from The Ziegfeld Follies - 1957 Vivian Blaine A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody, You'd Be Surprised
Claude Bolling Joue Irving Berlin - 1969 Claude Bolling A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Ziegfeld - 1988 Original London Cast A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Great American Songwriters, Vol. 4: Irving Berlin - 1993 Irving Berlin A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Unsung Irving Berlin - 1995 Various Artists I'm the Guy Who Guards the Harem
How Deep Is the Ocean?: The Irving Berlin Songbook - Various Artists A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody


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