Small Wonder

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Albert Selden (3)
Billings Brown (13)
George Axelrod, Louis Laun, Charles Spalding, Max Wilk (4)
Additional Music
Baldwin Bergersen (11), Mark Lawrence (2), Victor Young (165)
Additional Lyrics
Billings Brown (13), Edward Heyman (66), Mark Lawrence (2), Phyllis McGinley (7), Albert Selden (3)
September 15, 1948


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Songs also appear on these recordings (6)

Recording Songs
I Can Cook, Too - 1956 Nancy Walker Get Married, Shirley
Introducing - 1960 Janice Mars The Commuters' Song, Nobody Told Me
Make Mine Manhattan and Great Revues Revisited - 1977 Various Artists Saturday's Child, The Show-Off
Everyone Else Revisited - 1980 Various Artists No Time, Nobody Told Me
Love - 2018 Michael Bublé When I Fall in Love
bublé! - 2019 Michael Bublé When I Fall in Love


Cut Song

  • Get Married, Shirley
    • Cut from Small Wonder prior to opening. Re-used in A Month of Sundays (1951, closed out of town) and Walk Tall (1954, closed out of town).

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