Silk Stockings

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Cole Porter (926)
Cole Porter (926)
Abe Burrows (22), George S. Kaufman (16), Leueen MacGrath
February 24, 1955


Audio Recordings

Without Love / The Finger Of Suspicion Points At You - 1954 Dolores Gray
Silk Stockings - 1955 Original Broadway Cast
Silk Stockings - 1957 Film Soundtrack

Video Recordings

Silk Stockings - 1957 Film
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Recording Songs
Ahmad Jamal Plays - 1955 Ahmad Jamal All of You
Fred Waring Presents Broadway '55 - 1955 Fred Waring Orchestra All of You, As on Through the Seasons We Sail, Silk Stockings, Without Love
Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook - 1956 Ella Fitzgerald All of You
Annie Ross Sings a Song With Mulligan - 1957 Annie Ross All of You
Curtain Going Up: Overtures of Broadway Hit Shows - 1958 Broadway Overtures Overture
Most Happy Hammond - 1958 Jackie Davis All of You
Front Row Center - 1959 Charles K.L. Davis All of You
Maurice Chevalier Sings Broadway - 1959 Maurice Chevalier All of You
A Jolly Theatrical Season - 1962 Robert Morse & Charles Nelson Reilly Siberia
Just Turn Me Loose! - 1963 George Maharis All of You
Overture: American Musical Theatre, Vol. 4 (1953-1960) - 1963 Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra All of You
Meehan's In! - 1965 Danny Meehan All of You
Can-Can - 1988 London Cast All of You
Julie Wilson Sings The Cole Porter Songbook - 1989 Julie Wilson All of You
Steppin' Out - 1993 Tony Bennett All of You
Lost in Boston - 1994 Studio Cast Let's Make It a Night
Collage - 1995 Karrin Allyson All of You
Easy Living - 1999 Ann Hampton Callaway All of You
More Simple Songs - 2003 Matt Bogart All of You
Celebrating Cole Porter - 2005 Ester Andújar ‎ All of You
From My Heart - 2005 Kelly Broadway All of You
Cole Porter Sessions - 2009 Wilfried Van den Brande All of You
At The Movies: The Bonus Tracks - 2013 John Wilson Orchestra Silk Stockings
Cole Porter in Hollywood - 2014 The John Wilson Orchestra Josephine, Stereophonic Sound
Seriously Upbeat - 2017 Chip Zien All of You
True Love: A Celebration of Cole Porter - 2019 Harry Connick, Jr. All of You
Miss Dolores Gray - Dolores Gray Without Love


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