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Sashida Shuko (10), Tani Takaya (14)
RRR is based on the 2022 Indian film '"RRR"

1920, the British Raj in India. Bheem, the guardian of the Gond tribe, orchestrates an uprising to rescue a young girl who has been kidnapped by the oppressive Viceroy of India, Scott. Bheem's plan is to hide his origins and sneak into Delhi, but while looking for the kidnapped girl he stumbles upon Scott's niece, Jenny, and falls for her beauty and kindness. In Delhi, he meets Rama, a man with a great moral cause, who ends up helping him out with his romantic pursuits. The two of them enter an ardent friendship without realizing each other's true identity. In reality, although Rama is Indian, he is a member of the police and plans to track Bheem down and hand him over to Scott after capturing him. Where is fate leading these two men? Is it towards friendship? Towards duty? Or maybe love?

“RRR” premiered all around the world in 2022 to great acclaim. With characters conflicted between friendship and their duties, this movie is studded with romance and plot twists. Now, reimagined from Bheem’s perspective and with action sequences replaced by magnificent dance battles, it’s reborn as a Takarazuka Revue musical. Please enjoy the luxurious and splendid dancing in this romantic Indian musical, a perfect way to kick off the 110th anniversary.


Utopia… Dystopia... “Topia” derives from topos and means place or location. Violets are the symbol of the Takarazuka Revue, a theater that has continued to bloom for 110 years. It has always been a gathering spot for those looking to be enchanted. Applause, yearning, fervor, solitude, and hope...

Transcending time and borders, this extravagant revue depicts the light and shadow of the theater. The otherworldly inhabitants of VIOLETOPIA celebrate the grand opening of the Takarazuka Revue’s 110th anniversary.

This revue show will serve as the debut of director Shuko Sashida in the Takarazuka Grand Theater.
January 5, 2024


Audio Recordings

RRR × TAKA"R"AZUKA ~√Bheem~ - 2024 Takarazuka Cast (Star Troupe)
VIOLETOPIA - 2024 Takarazuka Cast (Star Troupe)

Video Recordings

RRR × TAKA"R"AZUKA ~√Bheem~ (Shinjin Kouen) - 2024 Takarazuka Cast (Star Troupe)
RRR × TAKA"R"AZUKA ~√Bheem~ / VIOLETOPIA - 2024 Takarazuka Cast (Star Troupe)
RRR × TAKA"R"AZUKA ~√Bheem~ / VIOLETOPIA - 2024 Takarazuka Cast (Star Troupe)
RRR × TAKA"R"AZUKA ~√Bheem~ / VIOLETOPIA - 2024 Takarazuka Cast (Star Troupe)
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