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Stephen Schwartz (212)
Stephen Schwartz (212)
Roger O. Hirson (2)
October 23, 1972


Audio Recordings

Pippin - 1972 Original Broadway Cast
Pippin - 1973 Australian Cast
Pippin - 1974 Original Mexican Cast
Pippin - 1975 South African Cast
Pippin - 1980 Los Angeles Harbor College
Pippin - 2001 Studio Cast (Karaoke)
Pippin - 2001 Studio Cast (Karaoke)
Pippin - 2001 Studio Cast (Karaoke)
Pippin - 2013 Broadway Cast
Pippin - 2019 Original Polish Cast

Video Recordings

Pippin - 1981 TV Cast

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Pippin - 2007 Original Dutch Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (37)

Recording Songs
Graham Kennedy Sings the Shows - 1973 Graham Kennedy Corner of the Sky, No Time at All
Music and Me - 1973 Michael Jackson Morning Glow
Skywriter - 1973 Jackson 5 Corner of the Sky
Live At Caesar's Palace - 1974 Diana Ross Corner of the Sky
Leading Lady - 1975 Jill Perryman I Guess I'll Miss the Man
Elisabeth Welch - 1976 Elisabeth Welch No Time at All
Broadway By Storm - 1980 Rebecca Storm Corner of the Sky
Won't Change Places - 1980 Marti Webb I Guess I'll Miss the Man
Corner of the Sky - 1994 Peter Cousens Corner of the Sky
Lost in Boston IV - 1996 Studio Cast Marking Time
Stage 1: How I Love You - 1996 Compilation Album Love Song
With You - 1996 Ethan Freeman Morning Glow, With You
An Enchanted Evening: The Music of Broadway - 1998 Joanne O'Brien & Lee Lessack Corner of the Sky
Shades Of Night: Musical Goes Rock - 1998 Various Artists Corner of the Sky
Found Treasures - 1999 Brian De Lorenzo Morning Glow
The Stephen Schwartz Album - 1999 Studio Cast Corner of the Sky, No Time at All, With You
Sweet Dreams - 2000 Michael Ferreri Marking Time
Strouse, Schwartz, And Schwartz - 2001 S.T.A.G.E. Concert Corner of the Sky, Magic to Do, Morning Glow, No Time at All
The New Normal: a Spiritual Response in Words and Music - 2002 Original Cast Morning Glow
Till Today - 2002 Kate Shindle With You
Franc D'Ambrosio's Broadway - 2004 Franc D'Ambrosio Corner of the Sky
Tonight At Eight - 2004 Stephen Brian Patterson With You
Center Stage: Songs of Spirit from the Musical Theatre - 2008 James Wright Corner of the Sky
Secret Love - 2009 Connie Fisher I Guess I'll Miss the Man
Ah, Men!: The Boys of Broadway - 2012 Betty Buckley Corner of the Sky
Softly - 2015 Susan Egan With You
Broadway Brick By Brick - 2016 Michael Longoria Corner of the Sky
Magic To Do - 2016 Original Cast Corner of the Sky, Magic to Do, No Time at All
Broadway at the Keys - 2017 Levi Kreis Corner of the Sky
Twisted Broadway Vol. 1 - 2017 Blue Jupiter Magic to Do
Lullabies of Broadway, Act II - 2018 Mimi Bessette Morning Glow
Fosse/Verdon - 2019 TV Soundtrack Corner of the Sky
The Politician: Music from the Netflix Original Series: Season 2 - 2020 TV Soundtrack Corner of the Sky
Snapshots: A Musical Scrapbook - 2021 Original Cast No Time at All
Centre Stage - 2022 John Barrowman Corner of the Sky
Almost Live! - Randy Roberts Corner of the Sky
A Little Bit More Of Me Unplugged - Keith Jack With You


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