Hit the Deck

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Vincent Youmans (165)
Clifford Grey (96), Leo Robin (213)
Herbert Fields (21)
Additional Music
Leo Robin (213)
Additional Lyrics
Sidney Clare (23), Bert Lee (16), Leo Robin (213), R.P. Weston (8)
April 25, 1927


Audio Recordings

Hit the Deck - 1927 Original London Cast
Hit the Deck - 1955 Film Soundtrack
Hit the Deck - 1958 Studio Cast
Hit the Deck - 1959 Studio Cast

Video Recordings

Hit the Deck - 1955 Film

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Hit the Deck - 1948 Radio Cast (The Railroad Hour)

Noncommercial Video Recordings

Hit the Deck - 1950 TV Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (9)

Recording Songs
Tea for Two - 1950 Soundtrack I Know That You Know
Music Of Vincent Youmans - 1951 Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra Hallelujah!, I Know That You Know
Lee Wiley Sings Vincent Youmans - 1952 Lee Wiley Keepin' Myself for You, Why, Oh Why?
Her Name is Rita Reys - 1957 Rita Reys Keepin' Myself for You
Overture: American Musical Theatre, Vol. 1 (1924-1935) - 1962 Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra Hallelujah!
Most of Ev'ry Day - 1987 Steve Ross Hallelujah!
With A Song In My Heart - 2001 Michael Feinstein Hallelujah!
Leslie Odom Jr. - 2014 Leslie Odom Jr. I Know That You Know
The Musicality of Youmans - 2015 Various Artists Hallelujah!, Why, Oh Why?


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