Flying Down to Rio

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Vincent Youmans (165)
Edward Eliscu (54), Gus Kahn (226)
Erwin S. Gelsey (5), H. W. Hanemann, Cyril Hume


Audio Recordings

Flying Down to Rio - 1933 Film Soundtrack
Flying Down to Rio - 1962 Mike Di Napoli's Trio

Video Recordings

Flying Down to Rio - 1933 Film
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Songs also appear on these recordings (8)

Recording Songs
Music Of Vincent Youmans - 1951 Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra The Carioca, Orchids in the Moonlight
The Astaire Story - 1952 Fred Astaire The Carioca
The Singing Reed - 1955 Lucy Reed Flying Down to Rio
Stairway to the Stars - 1989 Concert Cast Flying Down to Rio
Top Hat: Music from the Films of Astaire & Rogers - 1991 Henry Mancini The Carioca, Flying Down to Rio, Music Makes Me, Orchids in the Moonlight
Celebrating 30 Years at the Cafe Carlyle - 1997 Bobby Short The Carioca
The New Rememberings - 1997 Lynne & Mike The Carioca
The Musicality of Youmans - 2015 Various Artists Flying Down to Rio, Music Makes Me


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