The Border Town (邊城) - 2001 Original Hong Kong Cast

Sammas wrote on August 6, 2007

This may not be the piece which you will come to like it upon first listening, but definitely a piece which worth playing again and again until you like it. Adapted from the novella of the writer ???, the musical employ a 'country' style in its score, in Chinese sense. Songs in this musical are rather integrated into the play, making them rather impossible to be toggle out. The lyrics ranged from plain/naive to poetic (but only in 1 particular song), yet the music is described as 'tenderly haunting and intriguing'. Notable songs include the opener and closer "????", boat-song "???", the crescending "???????" and solos like "?????" and the mourning "??????". The show had been revived in Hong Kong 2 times, originally produced by Actor's Family, then joined by Hong Kong Dance. Featured in the recording, ??? and ??? won the 2002 HK Drama Awards for best male and female leads, while the whole crew won the best ensemble performance award. The composer/lyricist, naturally earned an award for best score as well.

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