providerofgoods wrote on May 10, 2022

Friends and fans of Jesus Christ Superstar -- JCS Zone needs your help!

As we continue to develop our website to be the best possible source of info for JCS fans everywhere, we occasionally come up short. For example, our discography aims to provide detailed information on all officially released studio and live cast recordings (albums only), be they public circulation or private rarity, of JCS throughout the years.

Just one problem... some of these recordings are out of print, or, worse, so rare that even finding info on sites like Discogs or this one is an issue.

With that in mind, if you have a physical (or digital, only if they come with a "booklet") copy of this recording, please contact me or reach out through the website. We need whatever info can be gleaned from the packaging.

Thank you in advance!

Archivist wrote on December 22, 2023

A visit to the Jesus Christ Superstar Zone is a fascinating dive into musical theatre scholarship and history even if you only have a passing interest in Jesus Christ Superstar.

fshepinc wrote on December 23, 2023

Are you looking for info on a specific recording, or just any recording of the show?

Archivist wrote on December 28, 2023

I just sent a note to the member since they have not logged in for a while.

providerofgoods wrote on December 28, 2023

Hey guys! To answer your question, fshepinc, yes, just about any recording. We have specific ones in our Discography that need more info for their individual album pages in the way of casts, musicians, recording staff if available, etc.

Archivist wrote on January 24, 2024

I would suggest a wishlist of information wanted or some other sort of "Needs Help" marker. Without that the expectation is that people will have to browse and notice when something is missing.

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