Gutenberg! - 2024 Original Broadway Cast

AndyW wrote May 22, 2024

Here are the tracks which the database won't let me add as an update - I've tried several times:

1 "Welcome to Gutenberg!" 2 Prologue 3 Schlimmer 4 "That was the opening number!" 5, I Can't Read 6 "That was the love ballad!" 7 Haunted German Wood 8 "Guess who's about to make a machine that prints books!" 9 The Press Song 10 "History!" 11 I Can't Read (Reprise) 12 "Have a biscuit!" 13 Biscuits 14 "This show is not about biscuits!" 15 What's the Word? 16 "And just like old wine... the plot thickens." 17 Stop the Press 18 "Now anything can happen!" 19 Tomorrow Is Tonight 20 Second Prologue 21 "That was a nightmare." 22 Words, Words, Words 23 "Gutenberg needed to have a lot of fun." 24 Monk With Me 25 "It's called a motif." 26 (Might as Well) Go to Hell 27 "What if no one wants our show?" 28 Festival! 29 Finale

Archivist wrote May 24, 2024

Sorry you were having difficulties, Andy. I've made the updates.

AndyW wrote May 29, 2024

Thanks. I've no idea why it wouldn't let me do it as I usually have no problems.

Archivist wrote May 29, 2024

We're making updates to the site. Always send a note if you think something is not working properly.

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