A Collector's Sondheim - 1985 Compilation

Archivist wrote on November 28, 2012

This Amazon listing claims the cassette version has three tracks not on this other versions. Can someone A) confirm if this is try, B) list the extra tracks, and C) note if they exist on other recordings? Thx!


Rodolfo wrote on November 28, 2012

According to sondheimguide.com (http://www.sondheimguide.com/comps.html#Collector), the three tracks, which also appear on the LP release, are "Your Eyes Are Blue," "Silly People," (both from Marry Me a Little [1981 Original Off-Broadway Cast]Marry Me a Little[/r]) and "Welcome to Kanagawa" (from the Pacific Overtures [1976 Original Broadway Cast]OBC[/r]).

According to the amazon listing you've linked to, the placement is as follows: "Your Eyes Are Blue" follows "The House of Marcus Lycus," "Silly People" follows "The Miller's Son" "Welcome to Kanagawa" follows "Please Hello."

Keep in mind that this is all second hand information. I don't have either release, so I can't verify any of it with complete certainty.

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