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Show: Tristan
Music: Paul Sportelli (6)Jay Turvey (6)
Lyrics: Paul Sportelli (6)Jay Turvey (6)
Book: Paul Sportelli (6)Jay Turvey (6)

Date: April 2006
Type: Audio / Stage Cast
Method: Studio
Language: English
Producer: Freddy Gabrsek (2)
Conductor: Paul Sportelli (6)
Music Director: Paul Sportelli (6)
Orchestrations: Paul Sportelli (6)
Performer: Neil Barclay (3)Donna BellevillePatty Jamieson (3)Gabrielle Jones (2)Jeff Madden (4)Peter MillardGlynis Ranney (4)Graeme Somerville


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Format: CD
Label: Shaw Festival JPCD04
Released: 2007
Barcode: 829982097392
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Lists: 15 collectors / 6 wish lists
1. Einfried
2. My Life
3. I Heard
4. Embroidery Song Part 1
5. Embroidery Song Part 2
6. He Played
7. Little Gold Crown
8. Up Here in the Air
9. Embroidery Song Part 3
10. A Modest Prayer
11. Embroidery Song Part 4
12. One Face
13. Sleigh Ride
14. Chopin excerpt
15. Wagner excerpt
16. Reprise: Sleigh Ride
17. Happy
18. Isn't it Strange
19. All the Possibilities
20. Reprise: I Heard

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