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Mabel Mercer Sings, Cy Walter Plays... Selection from George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess > Mabel Mercer & Cy Walter

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Show: Porgy and Bess (89)
Music: George Gershwin (771)
Lyrics: Ira Gershwin (653)Dubose Heyward (82)
Book: Dubose Heyward (82)

Date: 1942
Type: Audio / Studio Cast
Language: English
Performer: Mabel Mercer (19)Cy Walter (6)


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Format: CD
Label: AEI 17
Released: 1995-07-14
Barcode: 0765911001729
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Also contains: Cabin in the Sky - 1940 Ethel Waters
Carib Song - 1945 Demo
Porgy and Bess - 1946 Todd Duncan
Liner Notes: William Archibald (5)
Lists: 34 collectors / 9 wish lists
1. Cabin In the Sky: Overture - Max Meth And The Martin Beck Theatre Orchestra
2. Cabin In the Sky: Takin' A Chance On Love - Ethel Waters
3. Cabin In the Sky: Honey In The Honeycomb - Ethel Waters
4. Cabin In the Sky: Cabin In The Sky - Ethel Waters
5. Cabin In the Sky: Love Turned The Light Out - Ethel Waters
6. Porgy And Bess: Medley - Cy Walter
7. Porgy And Bess: Summertime - Mabel Mercer
8. Porgy And Bess: My Man's Gone Now - Mabel Mercer
9. Porgy And Bess: I Got Plenty Of Nuttin' - Todd Duncan
10. Porgy And Bess: I Loves You, Porgy - Mabel Mercer
11. Porgy And Bess: Porgy's Lament - Todd Duncan
12. Carib Song: Basket, Make A Basket - Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald
13. Carib Song: Woman Is A Rascal - Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald
14. Carib Song: Sleep Baby, Don't Cry - Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald
15. Carib Song: If - Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald
16. Carib Song: The Insect Song - Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald
17. Carib Song: Go Down To The River (Washer Woman Song) - Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald
Format: LP
Label: AEI 1107
Released: 1970
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Also contains: Cabin in the Sky - 1940 Ethel Waters
Porgy and Bess - 1946 Todd Duncan
Lists: 12 collectors / 0 wish lists
Format: 3-78
Label: Liberty Music Shop
Lists: 0 collectors / 0 wish lists
1. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' -- Cy Walter
2. Bess, You Is My Woman -- Cy Walter
3. There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York -- Cy Walter
4. Summertime -- Mabel Mercer (3:08)
5. My Man's Gone Now -- Mabel Mercer (3:15)
6. I Loves You, Porgy -- Mabel Mercer (3:23)

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