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Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Orange Colored Sky / Can't Stop Talking - 1950 Betty Hutton Conductor
Sound Clips Something Cool - 1953 June Christy Conductor
Adventures in Rhythm - 1954 Pete Rugolo and his Orchestra Conductor
Four Freshmen And 5 Trombones - 1955 The Four Freshmen Conductor
Introducing Pete Rugolo And His Orchestra - 1955 Pete Rugolo Conductor
In The Land Of Hi-Fi - 1956 Patti Page Conductor
Sound Clips The Misty Miss Christy - 1956 June Christy Conductor
Sound Clips Billy's Best - 1957 Billy Eckstine Conductor, Orchestrations
Sound Clips Fair and Warmer - 1957 June Christy Conductor
Four Freshmen And Five Saxes - 1957 The Four Freshmen Conductor
Sound Clips Gone For the Day - 1957 June Christy Conductor
Sound Clips Kenton with Voices - 1957 Stan Kenton, Introducing The Modern Men And Featuring Ann Richards Vocal Arrangements
My Foolish Heart - 1957 Donna Fuller Conductor
Solo Session - 1957 Ken Errair Conductor
Time Remembered - 1957 Studio Cast Conductor
Gigi - 1958 Robert Clary Conductor
Sound Clips The Song Is June! - 1958 June Christy Conductor, Vocal Arrangements
Voices In Latin - 1958 The Four Freshmen Conductor
Sound Clips Off Beat - 1960 June Christy Conductor
Voices And Brass - 1960 The Four Freshmen Conductor
More 4 Freshmen And 5 Trombones - 1964 The Four Freshmen Conductor

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