Name Order

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Name Order

  • Names should be entered as Last, First.

Names Beginning with Articles

Beginning articles (A, An, The) should be enter as the first name and the rest of the name as the last name.

  • Ex. Rita Williams Singers, The

This also applies to articles in other languages, such as Le, La, Les, Los, I, Os, Die, Der, Das, etc.

Initials & Punctuation

Names with initials should have a period afterwards. Multiple initials should not have a space between the initials.

  • Ex. Shepard, Thomas Z.
  • Ex. Harburg, E.Y.
  • Ex. Wodehouse, P.G.


People with nicknames should should have the nickname set off in quotation marks after the first name.

  • Ex. Edwards, Cliff "Ukelele Ike"
  • Ex. Camarata, Salvador "Tutti"

Names with Suffixes

Names with a suffix (ex. Jr., Sr., II, etc.) should have the suffix at the end of the last name with no additional comma or punctuation.

  • Ex. Hammerstein II, Oscar
  • Ex. Davis Jr., Sammy

Names with Prefixes

If a person has a last name which contains a prefix such as Von, Van, La, De, etc.; the alphabetization (and capitalization) of their name may vary depending on which country the person is from.

For people from the United State, UK, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries, the name prefix should be capitalized and be part of the last name.

  • Ex. Van Heusen, Jimmy
  • Ex. De Wolfe, Billy

For people from most non-English speaking, the prefix should usually be appended to to end of the first name and may or may not be capitalized (depending on local custom).

  • Ex. Dijk, Koen van

Names beginning with a title

People who are often credited with a title (Dr, Sir, Honorable, etc.) should be entered without the title.

  • Ex. Lloyd Webber, Andrew (not Lloyd Webber, Sir Andrew)

If a person uses an alias that begins with a title (ex. DJ, MC, Dr., etc.) the title should be part of the last name.

  • Ex. Dr. Suess

Names & Titles with non-Latin characters

The name should be in the character set of the original language that the artist's name was written in. The English translation or transliteration should be put in the AKA field.

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