Why God Why?

Song Details

Miss Saigon (37)  
Claude-Michel Schönberg
Alain Boublil, Richard Maltby Jr.
Title Variations
Mein Gott, Warum; Why God, Why?; Why God?; Why, God, Why?


Sound Clips Miss Saigon - 1989 Original London Cast
Sound Clips Standing Ovation - 1991 Rob Guest
Miss Saigon - 1992 Japanese Cast
Sound Clips Miss Saigon - 1992 Studio Cast
Miss Saigon - 1993 Japanese Cast
Broadway - 1994 Michael McCarthy
Miss Saigon - 1994 Original Hungarian Cast
Sound Clips Miss Saigon - 1994 London Studio Cast
Musical Emotions - 1994 Ben Cramer
Tenoriginals - 1994 Florian Schneider
This Is The Moment - 1994 Dale Burridge
Miss Saigon - 1995 Stuttgart Cast
Sound Clips Miss Saigon - 1995 Studio Cast
Sound Clips Does The Moment Ever Come? - 1999 Graham Bickley
Sound Clips My Broadway - 1999 Sean McDermott
Sound Clips Reflections From Broadway - 2000 John Barrowman
A Life on Earth - 2001 Peter Cousens
Musically Speaking - 2002 Beven Addinsall & Matt Hetherington
Sound Clips Simple Song - 2002 Matt Bogart
Sound Clips Broadway Unplugged - 2004 Town Hall Presents
Sound Clips Miss Saigon - 2014 London Cast
Sound Clips Different Stages - 2017 Kane Alexander
Live in Concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra - 2019 Lea Salonga
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