The Sailors' Tango

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Happy End (4)  
Kurt Weill
Bertolt Brecht
Title Variations
Ah, the Sea Is Blue; Matrosen-Tango; Sailor Tango; Tango des Matelots


Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill - 1972 Original Off-Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Gisela May Chante Brecht - 1974 Gisela May
Sound Clips Kurt Weill - 2004 Diane Dufresne
Sound Clips Happy End - 2006 American Conservatory Theater
Sound Clips Far Away Places: Live at 54 BELOW - 2012 Patti LuPone
Sound Clips Catherine Sauvage Chante Kurt Weill - Catherine Sauvage
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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The Sailors' Tango (Reprise) Happy End (4)
1929 Weill
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