Something Good

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The Sound of Music (124)  
Richard Rodgers
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Richard Rodgers
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Written for the film.
Title Variations
Algo bueno; Algo hice bien; Something Good (Pop Version)


Sonrisas y lágrimas - 1965 Spanish Soundtrack
Sound Clips The Sound Of Music And The Sound Of Cano - 1965 Eddie Cano
Sound Clips The Sound of Music - 1965 Film Soundtrack
The Sound Of Music - 1966 Studio Cast
Sound Clips The Sound Of Music - 1981 London Cast
The Sound Of Music - 1983 Australian Cast
Sound Clips The Sound Of Music - 1987 Studio Cast
Sound Clips The Sound Of Music - 1993 London Studio Cast
The Sound Of Music - 1995 Carola & Tommy Körberg
Sound Clips The Sound Of Music - 1998 Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Bernadette Peters Loves Rodgers & Hammerstein - 2001 Bernadette Peters
Sound Clips Elaine Stritch at Liberty - 2002 Original Off-Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Sound Of Music - 2004 Karaoke
Enchanted: Celebrating Rodgers & Hammerstein II - 2006 Cynthia Dale
Sound Clips The Sound of Music - 2006 London Cast
Sound Clips The Hills Are Alive - 2011 Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestra
Sound Clips Music Is Better Than Words - 2011 Seth MacFarlane
Звуки Музыки - 2011 Moscow Cast
Sound Clips The Harry Allen Quintet Plays Music From 'The Sound Of Music' - 2012 Harry Allen, Rebecca Kilgore
Sound Clips Sonrisas y lágrimas - 2012 Spanish Tour Cast
Sound Clips At The Movies: The Bonus Tracks - 2013 John Wilson Orchestra
Sound Clips The Sound of Music Live! - 2013 TV Cast
Sound Clips My Baby Just Cares for Me - 2014 Rachael Beck and David Hobson
Sound Clips Something Good: Songs of Rodgers & Hammerstein - 2015 Elisabeth von Trapp
Sound Clips Lucy O'Byrne Sings Songs from The Sound of Music - 2016 Lucy O'Byrne
Something Good - 2019 Kelley Johnson
Hello, Young Lovers - 2021 David Slater
R&H Goes Pop! - 2021 Various Artists
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