Love Of My Life

Song Details

The Pirate (2)  
Cole Porter
Cole Porter
Title Variations
Love Of My Life (Deleted Version) (Outtake)


Sound Clips The Pirate - 1948 Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips The Columbia Album of Cole Porter - 1954 Michel Legrand And His Orchestra
Sound Clips Silk Stockings - 1957 Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips With Love From Hollywood - 1959 Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

Song Title Show
The Love of My Life (9) Brigadoon (18)
1947 Loewe
This is the same song
The Love of My Life Second Chorus (2)
1940 Various
This is the same song

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