Living in the Shadows

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Victor / Victoria (13)  
Music for this song
Frank Wildhorn
Leslie Bricusse
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Written for the stage version.
Title Variations
Vives entre sombras; Vivo entre las sombras


Sound Clips Victor / Victoria - 1995 Original Broadway Cast
Le Jazz Hot - 1999 Ben Di Tosti
Victor / Victoria - 2006 Original Mexican Cast
Sound Clips Invierno sur - 2007 Paloma San Basilio
Sound Clips Broadway at the Keys - 2017 Levi Kreis
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

Similar Song Titles

Song Title Show
Living in the Shadows (Reprise) (2) Victor / Victoria (13)
1982 Frank Wildhorn
This is the same song

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