I'll Cover You

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Rent (47)  
Jonathan Larson
Jonathan Larson
Title Variations
Ik waak over jou; Jag skyddar dig; Þér skýli ég


Sound Clips Rent - 1996 Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips Rent - 1999 Icelandic Cast
Rent - 2000 Dutch Cast
Rent - 2000 Italian Cast
Rent - 2000 Korean Cast
Rent - 2001 Swedish Cast
Rent - 2001 Korean Cast
Sound Clips Rent - 2005 Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips I'll Cover You - 2012 Telly Leung
Sound Clips The Reason - 2013 Rachel Tucker
Rent - 2019 TV Cast
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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I'll Cover You (Reprise) (8) Rent (47)
1996 Larson
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