Go the Distance

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Hercules (23)  
Alan Menken
David Zippel
Title Variations
Go the Distance (Single); Le monde qui est le mien; Llegaré a mi meta; No importa la distancia; Posso farcela


Hércules - 1997 Latin American Spanish Soundtrack
Sound Clips Hercules - 1997 Film Soundtrack
Hércules - 1997 Spanish Soundtrack
Sound Clips Front Row Center - 1998 Steve Amerson
Operación Triunfo canta Disney - 2002 Various Artists
Los Nº 1 de Gente de Primera - 2005 Various Artists
Sound Clips Self Titled Tenor - 2008 Daniel Koek
Sound Clips This Is the Life - 2008 Norm Lewis
Sound Clips Disney Greatest Hits - 2009 Karaoke
Friday Night is Music Night: Commonwealth Games - 2014 Concert Cast
Sound Clips We Love Disney - 2014 Various Artists (Australian)
Sound Clips We Love Disney 2 - 2014 Various Artists (French)
Sound Clips Calle Broadway - 2015 Daniel Diges
Sound Clips Right Where I Belong: Songs of Alan Menken - 2015 Adam Jacobs
Sound Clips We Love Disney - 2015 Various Artists
Sound Clips Everybody Loves Disney - 2016 Various Artists
Sound Clips We Love Disney - 2016 Various Artists (Spanish)
Stars - 2018 Adam Lacey
Celebrating 25 Years of Disney on Broadway - 2019 Various Artists
Disney Dreamin' with Matthew Morrison - 2019 Matthew Morrison
I wish. I want. Naoto Kaiho sings Disney - 2019 Naoto Kaiho
Disney Goes Classical - 2020 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Be Brave - 2021 Shinya Kiyozuka
Lofi Minnie: Focus - 2022 Various Artists
Reimagine Tomorrow: Go the Distance - 2022 Various Artists
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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