Blue Skies

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Music for this song
Irving Berlin
Lyrics for this song
Irving Berlin
Title Variations
Blue Skies (Outtake)


The Jazz Singer - 1927 Film
Sound Clips Ship Ahoy - 1942 Film Soundtrack
Stuff Like That There/Blue Skies - 1944 Betty Hutton
Sound Clips Blue Skies - 1945 Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips White Christmas - 1954 Studio Cast
After Hours With Miss D - 1955 Dinah Washington
Sound Clips Barbara Lea - 1956 Barbara Lea
Sound Clips Al Goodman Salutes Irving Berlin: An Album For Dancing - 1957 Al Goodman
Sound Clips Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Irving Berlin Songbook - 1958 Ella Fitzgerald
Southern Comfort - 1962 Frank Wess
Sound Clips The Blonde Bombshell - 1984 Betty Hutton
Sound Clips Blue Skies - 1985 Kiri Te Kanawa
20 - 1988 Harry Connick Jr.
Sound Clips Great American Songwriters, Vol. 4: Irving Berlin - 1993 Irving Berlin
Sound Clips Heatwave: Patti LuPone Sings Irving Berlin - 1995 Patti LuPone
Sound Clips The Best of the Great American Composers, Vol. 1 - 1996 101 Strings
Sound Clips Jolson - 1996 Original London Cast
Sound Clips Let Me Sing And I'm Happy: Al Jolson at Warner Brothers - 1996 Al Jolson
Sound Clips Standard Time - 1997 Sam Harris
Sound Clips You Keep Coming Back Like A Song - 1999 Phillip Officer
There's No Business Like Show Business - 2000 Dutch Cast
Sound Clips Blue Skies - 2005 Shawn Ryan
Sound Clips Barbara Cook at the Met - 2006 Barbara Cook
Sound Clips Irving Berlin's White Christmas - 2006 Studio Cast
Sound Clips Night and Days - 2006 Kevin Spirtas
Sound Clips Its A Small Town - 2008 Stacy Sullivan
Sound Clips The Journey Home - 2008 Malcolm Gets
Sound Clips Close Your Eyes - 2014 Sarah McKenzie
Sound Clips Ghostlight - 2014 Betty Buckley
Sound Clips Once In My Life - 2015 Annette Yeo
Sound Clips How Deep Is the Ocean?: The Irving Berlin Songbook - Various Artists
Sound Clips The Jazz Singer - Al Jolson
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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2006 Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
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Blue Skies, Grey Skies Yankee Doodle Dandy (3)
1942 Cohan
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