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Chess (38)  
Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
Tim Rice, Björn Ulvaeus
Title Variations
I Mitt Hjertes Land (I Mitt Hjärtas Land); The Anthem


Sound Clips Chess - 1984 Concept Cast
Music of the Night - 1987 Cantabile
Sound Clips Chess - 1988 Original Broadway Cast
Chess - 1988 Broadway Cast (Tony Sampler)
Sound Clips Centre Stage - 1990 Anthony Warlow
Sound Clips Standing Room Only - 1992 Jerry Hadley
Sound Clips Chess - 1994 Studio Cast
Sound Clips Chess in Concert - 1994 Gothenburg Concert Cast
Musical Emotions - 1994 Ben Cramer
Tenoriginals - 1994 Florian Schneider
This Is The Moment - 1994 Dale Burridge
Sound Clips The Best of Act One - 1996 Anthony Warlow
Sound Clips The Musicals - 1996 Michael Ball
Sound Clips Theatrically Yours - 1996 Peter Karrie
Sound Clips With You - 1996 Ethan Freeman
Sound Clips Stage Heroes - 1997 Colm Wilkinson
Sound Clips Does The Moment Ever Come? - 1999 Graham Bickley
Sound Clips Over The Rainbow And Other Musical Highlights - 2000 Bettan & Jan Werner
Chess - 2001 Danish Tour
Sound Clips A World of Possibilities - 2001 Leo Andrew
Musically Speaking - 2002 Beven Addinsall & Matt Hetherington
Sound Clips Broadway, My Way - 2003 Linda Eder
Sound Clips So In Love With Broadway - 2004 Ron Raines
Sound Clips Tonight At Eight - 2004 Stephen Brian Patterson
Sound Clips In Whatever Time We Have - 2007 Lloyd Ellery
Sound Clips Chess in Concert - 2008 Concert Cast
Sound Clips Broadway and Beyond: The Concert Songs - 2009 Colm Wilkinson
Sound Clips John Owen-Jones - 2009 John Owen-Jones
Sound Clips Anthem - 2010 Daniel Koek
Sound Clips Hallelujah Broadway - 2010 Concert Cast
Sound Clips Music Of The Night - 2013 Petter Persson
Sound Clips Home Sweet Home - 2014 Katherine Jenkins
Sound Clips Stages - 2014 Josh Groban
Sound Clips Stars - 2014 Collabro
A Different Stage - 2017 Jason Manford
Sound Clips Different Stages - 2017 Kane Alexander
From Now On - 2018 Ramin Karimloo
Stars - 2018 Adam Lacey
Chess på norsk - 2022 Norwegian Cast
The 1st - Gentlemen of Voices
Great Moments in Australian Theatre - Compilation
Piano - Benny Andersson
Timeless - James Williams
Note: this song may also appear on other recordings whose tracks have not yet been indexed.

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