Total Family Massage

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John Paul Sharp (5)
John Paul Sharp (5)
John Paul Sharp (5)
David and Marquis have just gotten married and are having a small reception with David’s family in their Capitol Hill apartment in Seattle. David’s father, Jerald, a highly entrepreneurial erotic masseur in his 70’s from Wichita, Kansas, reveals in his toast that he has sold his house and is planning on staying in Seattle to open up business with his son. David’s mother Marie, a Southern Baptist busybody, can’t believe what she’s hearing. And when Jeremy, David’s psychic nephew, arrives unannounced, all hell breaks loose as their relationships unravel, heal, and move forward. It’s a feel-good holiday show that will make you laugh and cry and laugh and cry again.
December 12, 2013


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Total Family Massage - 2013 Original Cast
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