The Prom

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Matthew Sklar (19)
Chad Beguelin (22)
Chad Beguelin (22), Bob Martin [1] (12)
Additional Music
Adam Anders (20), Peer Astrom (12), Matthew Sklar (19)
Additional Lyrics
Chad Beguelin (22)
Based on an original concept by Jack Viertel.
They used to be the toast of Broadway, now their careers are toast—and they’re desperate for a new stage. So when these four stars hear that trouble is brewing around a small-town Indiana prom—and the press is involved—they know that it’s time to put a spotlight on the issue…and themselves. The town’s parents want to keep the dance on the straight and narrow—but when one student just wants to bring her girlfriend to prom, the entire town has a date with destiny. Now, Broadway’s brassiest are coming to join the fight in this new musical comedy filled with uproarious laughs, huge heart and show-stopping dance numbers!


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The Prom - 2018 Original Broadway Cast
The Prom - 2020 Film Soundtrack

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The Prom - 2020 Film
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