The Pajama Game

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Richard Adler (90), Jerry Ross (73)
Richard Adler (90), Jerry Ross (73)
George Abbott [1] (37), Richard Bissell (2)
Additional Music
Richard Adler (90)
Additional Lyrics
Richard Adler (90)
May 13, 1954


Audio Recordings

Hits from The Pajama Game - 1954 Dolores Hawkins And Bill Heyer
The Pajama Game - 1954 Original Broadway Cast
The Pajama Game - 1954 Studio Cast
The Pajama Game - 1955 Original London Cast
The Pajama Game - 1957 Film Soundtrack
The Pajama Game - 1957 Original Australasian Cast
The Pajama Game - 1957 Instrumental Album
The Pajama Game - 1996 London Studio Cast
The Pajama Game - 2006 Broadway Cast
The Pajama Game - Studio Cast
The Pajama Game - Studio Cast

Video Recordings

The Pajama Game - 1957 Film

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

The Pajama Game - 2006 Compilation
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