The Grand Tour

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Jerry Herman (256)
Jerry Herman (256)
Mark Bramble (5), Michael Stewart (41)
January 11, 1979


Audio Recordings

The Grand Tour - 1978 Broadway Rehearsal
The Grand Tour - 1979 Original Broadway Cast

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

The Grand Tour - 1978 Demo
The Grand Tour - Studio Demo

Noncommercial Video Recordings

The Grand Tour - 1995 Dutch Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (10)

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It's Better With a Band - 1980 Barbara Cook Marianne
An Evening With Jerry Herman - 1989 Rainbow & Stars I'll Be Here Tomorrow
Michael Feinstein Sings the Jerry Herman Songbook - 1993 Michael Feinstein Marianne, You I Like
Loving You: Paige O'Hara Sings Jerry Herman - 1995 Paige O'Hara I Belong Here
Tap Your Troubles Away: The Words and Music of Jerry Herman - 2001 Concert Cast I'll Be Here Tomorrow, You I Like
Ted Keegan Sings - 2001 Ted Keegan Marianne
Jerry Herman: The Lyrics, a Celebration - 2003 Michael Feinstein I'll Be Here Tomorrow
Showtune - 2003 Off-Broadway Cast I'll Be Here Tomorrow
Dan Zanes and Friends: 76 Trombones - 2009 Dan Zanes You I Like
Perfect Hermany - 2011 Jason Graae Marianne, Mrs. S. L. Jacobowsky, You I Like


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