The Cocoanuts

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Irving Berlin (711)
Irving Berlin (711)
George S. Kaufman (16)
December 8, 1925


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The Cocoanuts - 1929 Film Soundtrack

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The Cocoanuts - 1929 Film
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Stay with Me - 1955 Billie Holiday Always
Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Irving Berlin Songbook - 1958 Ella Fitzgerald Always
Sothern Exposure - 1958 Ann Sothern Always
Barbara Cartland's Album of Love Songs - 1978 Barbara Cartland Always
Remember: Michael Feinstein Sings Irving Berlin - 1987 Michael Feinstein Always
For You, For Me - 1989 Bruce Hubbard Always
Let's Go Back To The Waltz - 1990 Bobbi Baird Always
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Puttin' on the Ritz: Capitol Sings Irving Berlin - 1992 Compilation Always
Great American Songwriters, Vol. 4: Irving Berlin - 1993 Irving Berlin Always
Experiment - 1994 Mandy Patinkin Always
Heatwave: Patti LuPone Sings Irving Berlin - 1995 Patti LuPone Always
The Best of the Great American Composers, Vol. 1 - 1996 101 Strings Always
The Broadway Musicals of 1925 - 2003 Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series Always, A Little Bungalow
Face the Music - 2003 Anthony Warlow Always
Something To Dance About: The Music of Irving Berlin - 2004 Kim Criswell Always
Always - 2008 Cris Groenendaal Always
Within The Heart Of Me - 2009 Jeff Ide Always
Famous Melodies Of Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter - New Pacific Orchestra Always
How Deep Is the Ocean?: The Irving Berlin Songbook - Various Artists Always


Cut Song

  • Always (21)
    • Cut in tryouts. Original written as a wedding gift for his wife Ellin McKay.

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