The Act

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John Kander (290)
Fred Ebb (255)
George Furth (5)
October 29, 1977


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The Act - 1977 Original Broadway Cast

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The Act - 1970 Demo
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Recording Songs
Liza Minnelli Live at Carnegie Hall - 1979 Liza Minnelli City Lights
Dancin' Man - 1980 Jeff Hyslop Little Do They Know
Contemporary Broadway Revisited - 1985 Various Artists The Only Game in Town, Please, Sir
Broadway Baby - 1986 Dorothy Loudon Bobo's
Liza Minnelli at Carnegie Hall - 1987 Liza Minnelli City Lights
Memory - 1991 Àngels Gonyalons Arthur in the Afternoon
Lost in Boston II - 1994 Studio Cast The Only Game in Town
Stage 1: How I Love You - 1996 Compilation Album My Own Space
I Never Do Anything Twice - 1998 Morag McLaren My Own Space
Emily Skinner - 2000 Emily Skinner The Money Tree
Liza's Back - 2002 Liza Minnelli City Lights
You And I - 2005 Louise Dearman My Own Space
And the World Goes 'Round: The Songs of Kander and Ebb - 2014 Studio Cast Arthur in the Afternoon
You Can't Rush Spring - 2014 Celia Berk It's the Strangest Thing
Come Croon With Me - 2019 Mark William Shine It On
Forgotten Broadway, Vol 2. - Compilation Hollywood, California


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