Starlight Express

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Andrew Lloyd Webber (530)
Richard Stilgoe (145)
Additional Music
Andrew Lloyd Webber (530)
Additional Lyrics
Don Black (142), Peter Reeves (18)
March 27, 1984


Audio Recordings

Engine of Love - 1977 Earl & The Steam Team
Starlight Express - 1984 Original London Cast
Only He - 1987 Yoshimi Iwasaki
Starlight Express - 1987 Studio Cast
Starlight Express - 1987 Australian Cast
Starlight Express - 1988 Original Bochum Cast
Starlight Express - 1989 Bochum Cast (Live)
ハリーアップトレイン - 1990 Japanese Tour
Starlight Express - 1991 Bochum Cast
The New Starlight Express - 1992 London Cast
Starlight Express - 1994 Studio Cast
Starlight Express - 1997 The London Stage Orchestra & Singers
Starlight Express - 1998 Studio Cast
Starlight Express - 2000 Amateur Cast
Starlight Express - 2003 Bochum Cast
Starlight Express - 2009 New Zealand Cast
Starlight Express - 2013 German Cast
Starlight Express - The Musical Singers & Orchestra

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Expreso Astral - 1997 Original Mexican Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (18)

Recording Songs
Ich Bin Wie Ich Bin - 1985 Angelika Milster Only You
Performance: The Very Best Of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber - 1985 Various Artists I Am the Starlight
Broadway Extravaganza, Vol. 1: Symphonic Recollections - 1987 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra The Race, Starlight Express
Music of the Night - 1987 Cantabile Starlight Express
En el alambre - 1989 Rocío Banquells Only He
Colours Of My Life - 1994 Paul Nicholas Starlight Express
Musical Impressions - 1994 Alexander Hoffmann There's Me
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Album - 1995 Laurie Beechman Make up My Heart, Starlight Express
Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Royal Albert Hall Celebration - 1998 Various Artists Light at the End of the Tunnel
Coca Cola Light Präsentiert die Stella Musical Gala - 1998 Various Artists Starlight Express
Does The Moment Ever Come? - 1999 Graham Bickley Rolling Stock, Starlight Express
Celebrating Andrew Lloyd Webber - 2000 Concert Cast Only He
The Essential Songs of Andrew Lloyd-Webber - 2002 Various Artists Only You, Rolling Stock, Starlight Express, There's Me, U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D.
The Music of Andrew Lloyd-Webber - 2002 London Stage Ensemble Only He, Starlight Express
The Number One Musicals Album - 2004 Various Artists Next Time You Fall In Love, Starlight Express
Dream A Little Dream - 2008 Helen Schneider Only You
Because of You - 2015 Richard Woodford Starlight Express
My Lloyd Webber - Jonathan Roxmouth Starlight Express


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