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Pippa Cleary (7)
Jake Brunger (3), Pippa Cleary (7)
Jake Brunger (3)
An original musical featuring several actor-musician roles. The seed of inspiration for Prodigy was a hugely critical article in The Guardian about the BBC’s coverage of the biennial Young Musician of the Year contest. Once a prestigious classical music competition, the programme had apparently been dumbed down, treating its subject matter as ‘trivial, jokey and easy’. Ouch! Many blogs and message board users lamented the “reality TV” style in which the competition was presented and this became our way-in; a musical about the pressure of taking part in a serious music competition against the changing nature of television to accommodate the selfie generation. And, of course, with rampant teen hormones along the way - for extra oomph and comedy!
Commissioned by the UK National Youth Music Theatre in 2015.
The story follows the backstage drama of teenage hormones and parental pressure, when five finalists gather to compete to be Britain’s best new classical music star. With a live televised final looming, emotions run high and we witness everything from bitter vendettas to unexpected romance, to find out which of the competitors will rise to the top and be crowned the winner.
December 8, 2015


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Prodigy - 2016 Original Cast
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