Plain and Fancy

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Albert Hague (23)
Arnold B. Horwitt (14)
Will Glickman (5), Joseph Stein (18)
January 27, 1955


Audio Recordings

Heart / Young And Foolish - 1955 The McGuire Sisters
Plain and Fancy - 1955 Original Broadway Cast
Young And Foolish / Tell It To Me Again - 1955 June Valli
Plain and Fancy - 1956 Original London Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (7)

Recording Songs
Tonight at 8:30 - 1960 Carol Lawrence This Is All Very New to Me
Overture: American Musical Theatre, Vol. 4 (1953-1960) - 1963 Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra Young and Foolish
I Just Want To Sing - 1985 Joe Williams Young and Foolish
Only Love: Salena Jones on Broadway - 1996 Salena Jones Young and Foolish
Young Man of Manhattan - 1997 Eric Comstock Young and Foolish
Elaine Stritch at Liberty - 2002 Original Off-Broadway Cast This Is All Very New to Me
Valentine's Day - 2013 David Ian Young and Foolish


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