Marry Harry

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Dan Martin (5)
Michael Biello (4)
Jennifer Robbins
The music and lyrics are by longtime partners Dan Martin and Michael Biello whose other musicals include in My Body, Breathe, and The Cousins Grimm. The book is by veteran theatre producer and screenwriter Jennifer Robbins. The original cast of The York Theatre's 2017 Off-Broadway production features Ben Chavez, Morgan Cowling, Jesse Manocherian, Claire Saunders, David Spadora, Robin Skye and Lenny Wolpe. Directed by Bill Castellino. Musically directed by Eric Svejcar (Piano) with Mercedes Beckman (Reeds) and Robin Burdulis (Percussion). Album produced by Dan Martin.
Chef Harry wants to leave his family’s failing restaurant but doesn’t want to break his dad’s heart. Sherri looks to her upcoming wedding as a way to escape her controlling mom. When Sherri’s engagement abruptly ends she meets Harry and they fall in love -- but then things start moving too fast. Can Harry stay true to himself without disappointing those he loves? With the help of three magical shape-shifting Village Voices, Marry Harry explores ideas about family loyalty, marriage, love, food, and finding one’s path in life.


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Marry Harry - 2017 Original Off Broadway Cast

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Marry Harry - 2019 Studio Cast
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