I Do! I Do!

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Harvey Schmidt (117)
Tom Jones [1] (106)
Tom Jones [1] (106)
December 5, 1966


Audio Recordings

I Do! I Do! - 1966 Original Broadway Cast
What Is A Woman? / Guess I Should Have Loved Him More - 1967 Eydie Gorme
I Do! I Do! - 1968 Original London Cast
Ja, Ik Wil! - 1968 Dutch Cast
結婚物語 - 1969 Japanese Cast
I Do! I Do! - 1996 Off-Broadway Cast
I Do! I Do! - St. Pölten Cast

Video Recordings

I Do! I Do! - 1982 TV Cast

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

I Do! I Do! - 1966 Demo
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Songs also appear on these recordings (14)

Recording Songs
The Broadway Soundaroundus - 1967 Marty Gold and his Orchestra I Do! I Do!
Happiness: Connie Francis on Broadway Today - 1967 Connie Francis My Cup Runneth over, Together Forever
Maggie Isn't Margaret Anymore - 1967 Margaret Whiting My Cup Runneth over
My Cup Runneth Over - 1967 Ed Ames My Cup Runneth over
On Broadway, Vol. 2 - 1967 Robert Goulet My Cup Runneth over, What Is a Woman?
Together On Broadway - 1967 Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme The Honeymoon Is over, Together Forever
Keep On - 1968 Bruce Channel My Cup Runneth over
Dreams of Love - 1969 Kamahl My Cup Runneth over
Liza Minnelli Live at Carnegie Hall - 1979 Liza Minnelli The Honeymoon Is over
Lost in Boston II - 1994 Studio Cast Guess We May As Well Stay Married Now, Man and Wife, Thousands of Flowers, Throw It Away
The Show Goes On - 1998 Original Off-Broadway Cast The Honeymoon Is over, I Do! I Do!, I Do! I Do! (from film), I Do! I Do! (Thirties), My Cup Runneth over
So In Love With Broadway - 2004 Ron Raines My Cup Runneth over
Earthly Paradise - 2007 Susan Watson I Do! I Do!, My Cup Runneth over
Forgotten Broadway - Compilation Thousands of Flowers


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